Realm of JSB

Fundamentally, the Journal of Social Business (JSB) invites theoretical and empirically informed papers that explore and contribute to the understanding of Social Business Entrepreneurship (SBE). It promotes and encourages contributions that offer creative ideas, observations and analyses in areas such as – *Multiple Faces of World Poverty and Solutions *Education and Empowerment of the Disadvantaged *Pro-Poor Healthcare *Pro-Poor Energy Solutions *Poor-friendly Technology *Grassroots Community Finance – Microcredit and Microfinance, Cashless or Mobile Banking and Micro-Insurance *Micro-Entrepreneurship *Microfinance and Job Creation *Microfinance and Climate Change *Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) *Mapping Social Business Enterprise and Sustainable Economy *Relationship among Social Business Ventures, Third Sector, Public Sector, Foundations, Investment Funds and CSR *Funding Social entrepreneurial Ventures *Growth Strategies of Social Entrepreneurial Ventures *Measurement of Social Impact and Interpretations of Success of Social Business Enterprises *Social Business as a Frontier to Save Falling Capitalism? *Microfinance Sector Shying Away from Benefiting the Poor? *Youth Entrepreneurship and Job Creation *Women Empowerment *Entrepreneurial Opportunities for the Disabled *Charity and Philanthropy 

Although academic in nature, the Journal encourages both real-life individuals, especially practitioners, and academics to submit think pieces, research papers, case studies and individual ‘hero’ accounts of social business entrepreneurs, in-depth evaluations and papers documenting innovative directions of diverse range of social cause-driven enterprises. The JSB welcomes contributions that discuss these issues in new and imaginative ways, particularly if they point to new scope of application, reform or policy recommendation. Also, it does encourage constructive Review of published books and articles falling in defined core areas.


The JSB seeks to effectively facilitate informed consultation among practitioners, policy makers, academics and researchers, and individuals concerned with complex social issues and innovation, and young people studying and researching social interventions towards sustainability. The JSB provides a platform for professionals, practitioners, academics, researchers and policy makers in all the functional areas of business and management, social sciences and technology to disseminate and share information on most recent research, knowledge and experiences worldwide.

Frequency of JSB Appearances

The JSB is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary quarterly journal. For full consideration of spaces in the future JSB issues, manuscripts must be received at least five full months prior to respective forthcoming quarterly issues in a year – March, June, September and December.