Mission and Vision

The Journal of Social Business (JSB) is a Quarterly Journal aimed at pursuing “Social Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Towards Sustainability as a Community-Grounded Paradigm” – one that places the disadvantaged and marginalised at the centre.

Cardinal Focus

The Journal of Social Business (JSB) cardinally focuses on “social interventions and maximisation of the impact of entrepreneurial activities for the disadvantaged in communities” – one that addresses society’s most pressing needs, and explores solutions to critical issues facing humanity.

Given that Social Business Entrepreneurship (SBE) is an emerging global phenomenon, the Journal will be emphatically international in its coverage in terms of scholarship and real world experiences. The international dimension of JSB indeed points to overcome cultural and national barriers and meet the needs of accelerating technological and innovative activities taking place in the global economy.

The Journal will focus on the challenges and opportunities that social business enterprises face as they venture to solve insurmountable social problems – from malnutrition, inadequate and unaffordable healthcare, lack of education and housing to unsustainable energy and environmental problems – inside one country and across countries around the world.