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On 4th July 2010, at the invitation of the Centre for Development (CfD), Nobel Peace Laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus delivered keynote speech at the Global Assembly Conference on “Tackling Poverty for a Fairer World: Entrepreneurial Revolution along the Grameen Path”, held at the University of Glasgow, attended by over 500 participants including delegates from 16 countries. In response to overwhelming aspirations and interest expressed by the participants, the Centre for Development (CfD), amid the presence of Glasgow University Principal Prof Anton Muscatelli, Prof Yunus and a number of high profile guests, made landmark announcement on publishing the inter-disciplinary Journal of Social Business (JSB), followed by Inaugural Issue launched in January 2011. JSB is now in its 6th Year: its quarterly issues are being published from its home base below:


Journal of Social Business (JSB)

The Centre for Development (CfD)
Glasgow University Union Complex
32 University Avenue
Glasgow G12 8LX, Scotland, UK
Web Address: www.journalofsocialbusiness.net
Contact Email: info@journalofsocialbusiness.net